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Album Review - Angry Metal Guy - 3.5/5 Score


"every listen gives me a slightly different impression of the album. I’d notice something new and experience feelings with more or less intensity on any given listen. But I’ve enjoyed every spin and can happily recommend Death Will Not Keep Us Apart to fans of doom metal everywhere. It demonstrates huge potential and big emotion, which is what you absolutely want to hear on your doom metal." - Yellow -

Broken Tomb Magazine - 9/10 score - Album Review

Rise to the sky - Death Will Not Keep Us

"La instrumentalización es impecable, muy bien lograda, cuenta con guitarras como el elemento más sobresaliente, pesada, cargada y distorsionada, batería, muy lenta, ya que el ritmo es absolutamente lento (desalentadora y desesperantemente  lento)." Irene Adler, Broken Tomb Magazine

Album Review - Games, Brains and Headbanging Life - 9/10 Score

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"Echoing, monolithic slabs of heaviness, the nine offerings here are the weight of a dying world on shoulders. The sound of death on a chilling wind that blows across acres of bleached white skulls and bones. The haunting terror that comes crawling through the mind during sleep and the acceptance that no matter how much effort is expended, the end of all things is coming." Carl 'The Disc' Fisher -

Breaking Necks Blog - Album Review - 4/5 Score


"Rise to The Sky Death Will Not Keep Us Apart is a 4 out of 5 broken necks. Almost nearly perfect. The weight of each song is neck breaking. It is also soul crushing. It’s a unique look at the most painful emotions we can experience. That is almost hopeful" Tyson Struk -

Review from Metal Temple - 9/10 - Almost Perfect

Rise to the sky - Death Will Not Keep Us

"This is a rather heartfelt story about the power of love, the fear of death, and the overcoming of that fear to face it head on on your own terms.  These are powerful subjects and elements that really translate well to the music contained in the nine tracks." / "With Death Will Not Keep Us Apart, RISE TO THE SKY have created a very impactful and emotional doom metal album that cannot be missed" - Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier /

Ever Metal Interview With Rise to the Sky

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Interview I did with

 On this interview I discussed insights about the band, details about the new album, sources of inspiration, the doom metal music scene and a few other rarities.


New Album!

Death Will Not Keep Us Apart

Rise to the Sky has signed with label GS Productions for a NEW FULL ALBUM RELEASE! 

The album was produced along music producer Filippos Koliopanos (Ocean of Grief), who crafted a powerful yet profoundly emotional sound. The cover artwork and booklet were done by design artist Gogo Melone, who translated the music and album concepts into a genuine piece of art.

Release date: October 9, 2020

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In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul (EP)

In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul marks the beginning of a new sound era for Rise to the Sky.  The album sound was carefully crafted along music producer Filippos Koliopanos, and adds powerful growling vocals, thick bass sound and haunting guitar melodies.  The cover artwork was done by the amazingly talented Gogo Melone.

In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul delivers a unique musical experience that involves affection, tragedy, grief and emotional conflict towards loss.

Music and lyrics by Rise to the Sky
Mixing, mastering and post-production by Filippos Koliopanos
Artwork by Gogo Melone
Recorded in SAGC Studios, Santiago, Chile

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Rise to the Sky

One- Man Doom Metal from Santiago, Chile.

The first album, Moonlight, was released in December 2019.  In June 19, 2020 Rise to the Sky released the EP ¨In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul¨, which marked the beginning of a new sound era for Rise to the Sky, leading the band to a funeral/death doom sound and resulting in the production of the album ¨Death Will Not Keep Us Apart¨.

I worked with music producer Filippos Koliopanos from Aesthetic Soundscapes Productions to get the right sound for my band. 


About Rise to the Sky

When I write music, I often think about the past and, just like everyone, I have mixed feelings which I try to replicate in the music. That's why there are a lot of sudden changes, mixed atmospheres, and unexpected twists in almost all of the songs I write. Making music is a part of a process that allows me to leave the past behind.



Santiago, Chile


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