Per Aspera Ad Astra

“With death, times stops, matter fades, present and future cease to exist, and only the past remains.” (Sergio González Bombardiere, 2019).

Upon death, the remaining body is disposed, the person is transformed and keeps living through the ones who remain, in the form of memory, image, and blood. Their past, and the way it molded our lives and destiny, is a perduring reflection of their existence.


released September 3, 2021


No Clean Singing

Video Premiere

The sound of the song (End My Night) is vast and earthshaking, and it’s beautiful but intensely heartbreaking. The music builds in intensity and panoramic scope as the minutes pass, climbing toward a crest of emotional power, and as it ascends, its immersive effect becomes overwhelming." Islander - No Clean Singing

Invisible Oranges

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"This Chilean doom/death solo project continues to execute at the top of its class: truly emotional metal with powerful vocals and haunting melodies. I really can't get enough of the lead guitar work here." - Ted Nubel

Metal Temple

10/10 Score

"Per Aspera Ad Astra is a stunning album, masterfully created music. RISE TO THE SKY is a band that may just well do that due to his immense talent. There is a haunting depth that stands out throughout this album, and definitely puts you in a mood of longing." - Laura Glover

Metal Epidemic

5/5 Score

"Each and all songs feel like Sergio was taking out his pain of loss and walking the path of healing at the same time. We have lyrics with pure grief but at the same time the presence, through melodies, of a hidden light that leads to the return to life."- Martha Skourteli

Angry Metal Guy

3.5 / 5 Score (very good)

"Per Aspera Ad Astra is classic Rise to the Sky delivering exactly what it’s so good at delivering: affecting, atmospheric, beautiful death-doom metal. Unsurprisingly, it is reminiscent of past releases but takes good steps towards creating its own identity and advancing the Rise to the Sky formula in a good direction. This is thick, heavy, weepy metal perfect for those autumn days we’ll soon be experiencing." -Twelve


10/10 Score

"Per Aspera Ad Astra comes from a grief-stricken place and that is something that resonates throughout. It’s an incredibly expressive and sensitive album but one with heavy death and doom at its core. It just so happens that Rise to the Sky twists melody around those heavier elements with such ease." - Carl "The Disc" Fisher

Metal Temple (2nd review)

10/10 Score

 “Sergio’s vocal style is deep and even menacing but its also both pain filled and cathartic….this guy has the ability to display such a wide range of emotions with a deep, brutal style and his music is all the better for it. As both listened to in one setting or on a piecemeal basis, this album comes together each time without fail.“- Justin Wittenmeier

Broken Tomb Magazine

10/10 Score

"En general, este álbum es uno de los álbumes más brillantes este año, aunque es un álbum ambientador, Rise To The Sky debe ser conocido hoy en día. Con cada tema poderoso e impresionante que cubre el álbum, puedes decir que es muy atmosférico y emocional. Cuando lo escuches en la oscuridad, cierra los ojos y te dará algunas imágenes mientras cada pulso dentro de ti se convierte en uno con el viaje musical sentimental en el que Sergio te ha puesto. Una maldita obra maestra de la música que desearía que todos tuvieran el poder de entender. " - Joshua

Let Me Drown With You

“Romance only comes into existence where love is fatal, frowned upon and doomed by life itself” (Denis de Rougemont, 1983).

Conceived in a time of fear and isolation, this album conveys deep reflections about life and death.

This album is released in loving memory of my father, who passed away suddenly on Jan 6, 2021. He was passionate about the people he loved and about everything he did, this music is a clear reflection of our way of life.

Music and Lyrics by Rise to the Sky
Production, drum composition, mixing and mastering by Filippos Koliopanos
Artwork by Gogo Melone
Special participation by Andreia Alves in: “Let Me Drown with You”
Recorded in Sergio´s Castle. Santiago, Chile

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9/10 Score

Metal Temple

"Sergio's vocals continue to impress. He gets frighteningly deep on these songs, his voice coming from a physical place but also an intangible emotional anchor as well. The man himself said this album was made in trying times and dedicated to his father who passed away…..his pain, his longing can definitely not only be heard but felt" - Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier

Funeral Doom Friday

Metal Injection

"What makes Let Me Drown With You so effective is the songwriting. Acoustic guitars and orchestral arrangements make each track an exquisite dirge. Solo contributor Sergio G has crafted a gripping, emotionally palpable atmosphere. You can’t help but be moved by this music." - Grant Skelton

10/10 Score


"This album is stunning. Spelling-binding, heartfelt, emotive and crushingly heavy. Few bands are as good at making you feel as deeply as Rise to the Sky, but even fewer are as capable of making your neck ache at the same time." Carl 'The Disc' Fisher -

9.9/10 Score

Metal Bite

"This record is majestic sorrow. A draining, yet great experience from start to finish. In my personal experience, loss can bring forth a torrent of emotions and ideas, but for musicians it can be an ordeal to put everything together to write music.." Alex Grindo

3/5 score

Angry Metal Guy

"Make no mistake, this is a strong album for gloomy days, for times when you want to be crushed by sadness that moves faster than glaciers." - Twelve

Album Review

The Killchain Blog

"Rise to the Sky have crafted one of the year’s most essential albums if you have a need for poignant misery. ‘Let Me Drown With You’ is powerful, moving and excellently written. Superb." Sandre the Giant

Album Review

Head Banger Reviews

"Rise to the Sky is slowly becoming a need-to-know name that can very well become the name to know when it comes to Chilean, or even South American as a whole, death/doom." Vinterd

Album review

Sleeping Village Reviews

"I can comfortably say that this is one of the best death-doom albums I've heard in a very long time. It's moody, and dense, and emotional, and remarkably intense"

A Cold Embrace from Life (EP)

Released Dec 18, 2020

About the EP: Occasionally, there are moments when life crushes you, and leaves you longing to change things, dreams of improving the past. But the past is gone, so you let in that harsh coldness, that cold embrace from life.


GBHBL: 10/10 Score "An epic and sub-zero doom EP, A Cold Embrace from Life is a crushing listen but not just because of the heavy doom aspect. No, because it is littered with profound and poignant melodies that add so much emotional value to each of the four tracks."

Metal Temple: 9/10 score "This EP is an incredible example of the emotional impact that doom metal can provide yet still be beautiful, even if it is tragic in nature. If you’re a fan of depressive yet melodic doom, there isn’t a reason why this shouldn’t be on your radar." Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier - Metal Temple

Angry Metal Guy: "The acoustic touches in “Help Me Understand” help to give A Cold Embrace from Life an identity of its own, and solidify it as a doom EP well worth experiencing". – Twelve


Death Will Not Keep Us Apart

The album was produced along Filippos Koliopanos (Ocean of Grief), who crafted a powerful yet profoundly emotional sound. The cover artwork and booklet were done by design artist Gogo Melone, who translated the music and album concepts into a genuine piece of art.

Release date: October 9, 2020


Metal Temple: 9/10 Score "With “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart,” RISE TO THE SKY have created a very impactful and emotional doom metal album that cannot be missed." 

Angry Metal Guy: 3.5/5 Score "every listen gives me a slightly different impression of the album. I’d notice something new and experience feelings with more or less intensity on any given listen. But I’ve enjoyed every spin and can happily recommend Death Will Not Keep Us Apart to fans of doom metal everywhere. It demonstrates huge potential and big emotion, which is what you absolutely want to hear on your doom metal." Twelve - 

Games, Brains & Headbanging Life: 9/10 Score "Echoing, monolithic slabs of heaviness, the nine offerings here are the weight of a dying world on shoulders. The sound of death on a chilling wind that blows across acres of bleached white skulls and bones"


In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul (EP)

In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul marks the beginning of a new sound era for Rise to the Sky.  The album sound was carefully crafted along music producer Filippos Koliopanos, and adds powerful growling vocals, thick bass sound and haunting guitar melodies.  The cover artwork was done by the amazingly talented Gogo Melone.

In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul delivers a unique musical experience that involves affection, tragedy, grief and emotional conflict towards loss.

Music and lyrics by Rise to the Sky
Mixing, mastering and post-production by Filippos Koliopanos
Artwork by Gogo Melone
Recorded in SAGC Studios, Santiago, Chile

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About Rise to the Sky

One-Man Doom Metal

I want to deliver emotional, strong, and honest Doom Metal. Everything I do points in the direction of improving the quality of the music, this is my number one priority and I intend to do every possible effort to accomplish that.

Rise to the Sky plays mainly Atmospheric/Death Doom metal, although the sound has evolved with each album or release. 


Rise to the Sky

One- Man Doom Metal from Santiago, Chile.

The first album, Moonlight, was released in December 2019.  In June 19, 2020 Rise to the Sky released the EP ¨In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul¨, which marked the beginning of a new sound era for Rise to the Sky, leading the band to a Atmospheric/funeral/death doom sound and resulting in the production of the album ¨Death Will Not Keep Us Apart¨ in October 2020.  In December 2020 Rise to the Sky released the EP "A Cold Embrace from Life" and in March 2021 the album "Let Me Drown with You" .

I worked with music producer Filippos Koliopanos from Aesthetic Soundscapes Productions to get the right sound for my band. 


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Santiago, Chile

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